Fighting for Ella

Coming November 12th 2024

There's no going back from the choice she's about to make.

Just because Ella Whitlock knows she doesn't have a choice doesn't make what she's about to do any easier. Walking right into the lion's den, coming face to face with the weapons dealer who has been hunting her team, would be bad enough on its own, but knowing the pain she's causing the people she loves makes it so much worse. Too bad she doesn't see any other options.

When Navy SEAL Miguel Aguilar travels to Mexico to find Ella and bring her back to face the consequences of her decisions he can't help but feel like something doesn't add up. Even when she runs from him, joins the notorious weapons dealer in his home, he just can't see Ella betraying everyone she loves. But if he's wrong about her then both their lives will be on the line and neither one of them might make it home.