Wicked Scars

Coming August 13th 2024

Amnesia has stolen everything from her.

Beth Lindon doesn't remember a single thing about who she or what happened to her to cause her mind to check out and blank out an entire lifetime. All she knows is she's supposedly married to the man who saved her life six years ago. When her husband is almost killed in an explosion she knows she either has to remember of she'll lose the man everyone tells her she was madly in love with.

For Axel "Axe" Lindon there is nothing worse than having your wife back in your life but being unable to comfort her, help her heal, because she has no idea who you are. His determination to get answers almost got himself and his teammates killed but he's not stopping. Not until his wife remembers him and she's back in his arms where she belongs.

But things aren't as they seem, danger is circling closer, and without Beth's memories they're all sitting ducks.