Opal’s Fight

An unplanned pregnancy could push their friends with benefits arrangement to something more or break what they have.

Despite growing up the way she did, Opal Smith always knew she wanted to have a family of her own one day. The last thing she expected was to wind up pregnant in the middle of an undercover case. Not that it matters because she knows without a doubt that the only man she trusts with her body and her heart will step up. CJ would never let her down. Ever.

Navy SEAL Cameron John "CJ" Ulrich has a secret. One he hasn't disclosed with anyone. Including his best friend. Even though he feels things changing with Opal, starts thinking maybe he'd like more than friends with benefits, when she announces she's pregnant that's it. Things are over between them. For good. But the dangers of her undercover case are lingering around her, and CJ might wind up losing Opal and the baby he believes he doesn't want permanently.